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Pigeon Springs - Author Herman Groman

Pigeon Spring

When former FBI Agent Matt Steel retired after twenty-five years of undercover operations, locking up mobsters and drug dealers and following terrorists, he took a job as director of security at a major Las Vegas casino.  Alex, his wife of thirty-five years, thought they could finally relax and enjoy the well deserved benefits of a post FBI life, especially after they bought the weekend ranch in the mountainous area at the north end of Death Valley.  It was remote, wild and had some interesting history associated with it.  There was the old gold stamp mill, the mysterious grave of Nancy Walker, and the historic Timbisha summer camp of the Desert Shoshone Tribe.  However, fate takes them on an unexpected path when Alex finds an ancient Native American artifact and their life- long mystical journey called Pigeon Spring begins.

Pigeon Spring is an exciting Nevada adventure with a mystical twist.  Readers will enjoy following Matt and his wife, Alex, along with his former partner Charlie, as they travel from the glamour and scams of Las Vegas to the beauty and grit of Nevada’s rugged gold country.  The trio soon discovers that just like Vegas, there are scoundrels and thieves wherever money can be made.  

Soon to be a major motion picture. 
Currently in negotiations with Hollywood Producer/Director Joseph Merhi 

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